Monday, May 19, 2014

Mad Tweets: "The Strategy"

Since there are enough traditional Mad Men recaps to discuss in a steam room with Roger Sterling,  I'm going to be supplying the universe with another type TV critique. Intense analysis will not happen here. Mad Tweets will be a series celebrating the spur of the moment thoughts of Mad Men fans, you know, the kind that come in short, sweet 140 character packages. Alas, the best tweets during Mad Men Season 7, episode 5, "The Strategy."

This one contains a lot of teasing character's hairlines, sleepwear, etc. So #sorrynotsorry.

cc: Pretty Woman

SO TRUE. He even has the cardigans to prove it.

I was also thinking that there would be some sort of explosion. Would have been a nice test to Pete's LA cool attitude. Oh collision.

The Mad Men Twitter community loved this line by Ken Cosgrove. 

This has little to do with this particular episode, except for the fact that it was tweeted during it. Nevertheless, that is one really impressive funfact.

You see, while my reaction to Bob Benson returning was a stupid "Oh Hey Bob Benson," this tweeter linked him to Mr. Ripley.


I owned that nightgown, too.

Who are you mystery man?

Unfortunately true for 1969. 

@GwynethPaltrow @Goop #Coldplay #ChrisMartin (I'm kidding here, dw)

This is actually really smart. It was hard to miss the excessive amounts of shopping, gift giving, and bags that were carried around in this episode. Exhibit A: Tammy get's a Barbie, but she will never have a relationship with her Dad. Although she is four and is okay with the Barbie, she will someday realize that it is not sufficient. Maybe she will turn into Margaret or Marigold. Or some '80s punk rock version of that.


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