Monday, March 31, 2014

Matthew Weiner Interview in the Spring 2014 Paris Review

Matthew Weiner is interviewed by Semi Chellas in the Spring 2014 edition of the Paris Review. There is so much to analyze in the short preview provided online, that I cannot wait to delve into the full piece later tonight.   

 As for now, Weiner answers, "The driving question for the series is, Who are we? When we talk about “we,” who is that? In the pilot, Pete Campbell has this line, “Adding money and education doesn’t take the rude edge out of people.” Sophisticated anti-Semitism."He talks about the pressure to assimilate and "becoming white." Rachel Menken is a member of "the nose-job generation," which is why she understands Don, "because they're both trying desperately to be white American males."
And he reveals...Peggy is actually his favorite character.

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