Monday, April 7, 2014

Mad Makeup

It is no surprise that the makeup choices on Mad Men are carefully calculated and historically accurateMad Men's makeup artist,  Lana Horochowski shared some beauty secrets from the set with Allure. Horochowski doesn't simply slab a pretty lip color on Joan without making sure it was popular at the time, “I have to research every single thing we do. Even down to nails and nail shape."
Here are some facts that may surprise you: 
 1. Joan almost never wears red lipstick. Pale pink it is! 

2. Peggy always wears the same lipstick, "And we do her liner a little jagged, a little off. We let her get shinier and deteriorate throughout the day. It’s true to her character.” What does your makeup really look like after a long day at the office? 

3. There is a such thing as a "basic secretary makeup template." The change in Megan's character status was shown through her makeup. 

4. "As long as it was being sold, someone on the show can wear it." She makes sure of this using a medium Mad Men is certainly familiar with, 60s makeup ads. cc: Basket of Kisses.

In a year old interview with the makeup artist, Horochowski talks about the difference between characters who wear eyeliner versus the ones who don't. She told The Cut that, "The characters who wear a heavy eyeliner look are the ones who have more time to get ready in the morning. They take more pride in their appearance. Peggy’s eyeliner is always a little messy or rushed because she’s so focused on work. You’ll see it’s kind of crooked." They are "real" people after all.

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