Friday, April 4, 2014

Peggy Leaning In

An excellent video on the evolution of Peggy Olson, thanks to Vulture.

Time calls Peggy Olson, "TV's most relatable feminism." We have seen her rise from an unknowingly pregnant secretary to copywriter. She has truly worked her way up through the ranks at SDCP, as well as in her own mind. In New York Magazine's cover story on Elizabeth Moss Willa Paskin insinuates that the final season will involve both Don and Peggy equally. I mean, she does sit in his seat now. Eliana Dockterman writes, "Long before Lean In hit bookshelves, Peggy was already demonstrating its principles, for better or worse."
Peggy is unlikable because she is bossy, serious, and unboozy (most of the time). Elisabeth Moss gives us a little hint for season 7:

"Her battle all along has been, 'Should she be Don? Should she be Joan? Should she be someone's wife or mother?' She's finally figuring out that her role is as a woman, as who [she is], as Peggy,"

Her best line? "I just saved this company...but it's not as important as getting married." (S4E13, "Tomorrowland")

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