Monday, April 7, 2014

Rolling Stone Keeps You Busy Until Sunday Night

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Plans this weekend? Think again. Rolling Stone has compiled a list of the 30 best Mad Men episodes to help reinforce your Netflix addiction and keep you busy until Sunday night. Rolling Stone admits that the season 7 premiere, "Time Zones" would have made the list, which works for me. 

One of my favorites, "Tomorrowland" (season 4, episode 13) makes it to number 17. Don takes the kids to Disneyland, having Megan come along as babysitter. You might remember how the story goes, they return engaged. I'm also glad that "Far Away Places" (season 5, episode 6) made the list, because...well, Rolling Stone says it so perfectly, "we all knew the 'somebody tries LSD' episode was coming, and we all knew the 'Roger and Jane break up' episode was coming — but combining them was a typically brilliant Matthew Weiner curveball."

Another gem, more visually than anything, is "The Jet Set" (season 2, episode 11), where Don is in California hanging out by the pool with beautiful European aristocrats.  It's hard to forget "The Wheel," (season 1, episode 13) because it is typically the episode where Mad Men viewers fall in love with Don. Yes, the Kodak pitch (below). "This device isn't a spaceship. It's a time machine." Swoon.

Rolling Stone's favorite episode is "The Suitcase," (season 4, episode 7) where Don and Peggy pull an all nighter--when we realize that work is an escape for the two similar characters.  It's also when Peggy gets mad at Don for never saying thank you and he famously responds, "That's what the money's for."

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