Friday, April 4, 2014

New Faces?

Will the mysterious Diana be joining the gang?
 Would the writers of Mad Men introduce new faces on us in the last season? You would think not, but E! is reporting otherwise. I mean, do we trust E!? Whatever you choose to believe, their names will, I guess, be Diana--who is a housewife and mother who is wholesome--and three dudes named Dennis Ford, Will Scully, and Ferg Donnelly.
Firstly, what/who will be Diana's channel of entry. Will she appear as Don's new, hm, friend? Betty's new neighbor? Peggy's new roomie? Well I guess the possibilities are endless. As for the men, will they be new SDCP clients? Or a motorcycle gang that Don finds himself a part of? Just kidding.
I, personally, would rather continue the many stories and possibilities with the characters we already know, but I'm sure whatever the writers have got planned is good. I mean, it better be.

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