Friday, April 4, 2014

Season 7's Travel Themed Press Kit

Photo via AMC

Don't get too excited, the press kit for season 7 is merely a compilation of everything you already know. Even so, this is a pretty useful source for recap as each character gets his/her own "travel itinerary." The only tidbits of new information come from assuming that the events mentioned in the character recaps may be explored further in the upcoming season.
The most important part of this press kit, is perhaps the choice to go along with the travel theme. Matthew Weiner has been quoted in saying that the choice to use airports and planes in the promotional materials has nothing to do with the content of the season. This is hard to believe, only because we left off in season 6 with multiple characters wanting to start fresh in Los Angeles. The Mad Men writers could not be surprised when fans (and maniacs) put two and two together. Weiner does note, though, that airplanes become more important to American culture towards the end of the '60s. Mobility in general (cultural, social and physical) is a hot topic, but apparently not at the front of Weiner's brain. Even if the content of season 7's scripts have absolutely nothing to do with travel, and all characters decide to remain in New York (which seems extremely unlikely, if you ask me), I think the socially relevant theme of travel was a great unifying choice for the season 7 marketing campaign. I mean, what did you expect, spoilers?

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