Friday, April 11, 2014

A Q&A With Jon Hamm


 The Mad Men blog shares a Q&A with Jon Hamm about his character's "impetuous side." You mean, wanting to go to Cali very badly and then changing his mind? Or delivering the perfect Hershey's chocolate pitch, and then revealing that he actually bought the chocolate bar with money he stole from the pockets of a prostitute's patrons? Sorry, I'll have some sympathy.

Here are my takeaways from the interview as well as "exclusive" images from season 7's premiere. I had the photos strewn throughout this post, even though they have nothing to do with Don, because I honestly am not sure what to make of them. 

So Matthew Weiner says one theme for season 7 is the material vs. immaterial life. We're thinking ambition vs. spirituality and happiness. I can say forsure that this will be something Peggy deals with, in addition to Don. I imagine that as the season progresses we will notice more and more similarities between the two characters. cc: that maaajor New York Magazine article on Elisabeth Moss. Yeah, the one with the overalls and side boob. Focusing on Don though, Jon says that this season will further exhibit Don's search for peace from damaged childhood. Oooh, didn't see that one coming. This cast has become a team of professional spoiler-hiders.

I love that Jon refers back to the pilot as being one of his most shocking moments. Don has done some shocking things in six, thirteen episode seasons. Even so, there is no better moment then when you realize at the end of the pilot that Don is married. Hamm says, "And then all of sudden you go, 'Oh God, this guy is not who we think he is.' And then you reveal that there are way deeper layers to this guy’s subterfuge." And we've been dealing with this ever since. But we still definitely kinda love him.

And now for those images:

Dawn, keep the scarf...and nice hair. #70sapproaching
Roger Sterling drinks a bloody Mary, shocker. He does look a little older though.
Peggy looks very assertive and surprisingly unstressed. I wonder if she's wearing matching pants with that blazer.

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