Friday, April 11, 2014

Vital Info: What Kiernan Eats

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The new Coveteur-of-food blogs has deemed it necessary that we know what our favorite actors and actresses are ingesting. I am reblogging this one because I kind of care about what Kiernan Shipka eats, and unless you stop reading at this exact moment, you kind of do too.

And no, despite the cool collage of 60s food above, Kiernan eats food of the 21st Century. I know, major bummer. You'll be glad to know that her ideal day in dining includes nothing blatantly dietetic, so she is, in that way, a normal 14-year-old. Thank the lord she has not taken to juice fasting, like others. Her daily intake does include some foods that I'm pretty sure I wasn't eating at that age, but hey, you can't really blame her for being a mini-adult, basically. I mean, she wore a CĂ©line plain back sweater to the interview. I always wondered who in the world buys those.
On a perfect day she'd go for some avocado toast for breakfast, sushi for lunch, and French food for dinner. Best part is, she loves any kind of donut (we have so much in common!). And she wrote a paper about avocados. I will save you the Google Search ("essays on avocados").

Kiernan, I'm free on Sundays.

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